Rescue headrest

Car headrest with integrated stifneck

Rescue headrest

The invention is a rescue headrest with integrated stifneck. It serves as an aid for first responders in the event of a car accident.

After accidents, first aid for the injured is not always easy and essential utensils are often missing, especially when it comes to injuries to the spine and back. This is where the rescue headrest supports the first-aiders immediately.

Short description of the invention

There is a compartment in the headrest of the car seats for storing a stifneck (a type of neck brace). The compartment can be opened on the inside of the headrest and the stifneck can be removed for first aid.

The compartment is made of very light material (e.g. Styrofoam) and its shape is adapted to the ergonomics of the headrest and the Stifneck.

The compartment can be opened via a push button/zipper or other fastener. The opening of the compartment must face the passenger compartment on the inside, so that it can be accessed from the opposite side.

Advantages of the invention


First Aid Assistance

The rescue headrest serves as an aid for the first aider, as essential utensils such as a stifneck are ready at the scene of the accident and can be used immediately.


The first aider can quickly access the Stifneck via the compartment on the headrest of the car and treat the injured person right on the spot.


Only a label on the headrest indicates that there is a compartment inside. The vehicle interior can be retained despite the compartment.

ergonomically installed

The compartment is adapted to the shape of the headrest as well as to that of the stifneck and thus does not deform the first aider's important utensils.

First aid facilitated by
rescue headrest

Up to now, cars have only been equipped with airbags and seat belts to protect the passengers and the driver in the event of an accident. However, in the event of whiplash, first responders are not adequately equipped and have to wait for the rescue services to arrive.

The rescue headrest provides an integrated stifneck. The first-aider has quick access and can put the Stifneck on the injured person. In this way, injuries in the back and neck area can be safely stabilised.

3D Visualizations


Property right

Utility model

Type of protection:GER Utility Model Protection
Reference number: 20 2021 003 405.6
Date of registration: 04.11.2021

Main claim:Headrest for car seats (2), characterised in that it has a storage compartment (6) in which a stifneck (7) is integrated, which is provided with a closable opening (1).

List of reference signs
(1) Opening of the compartment for storing the stifneck.
(2) Headrest with integrated compartment
(3) Headrest attachment rods and bracket
(4) Foamed holder for the headrest attachment rods
(5) Attachment of the storage compartment to the head restraint rod holder.
(6) Storage compartment for the pin neck
(7) Stifneck



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